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 Farhenheit (HersheyPark) 


        Height: 121'

        Length: 2700'

        Maker: Intamin AG

        Inversions: 6

        Type: Steel Sit Down Coaster

        Year: 2008

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News: Mumbo Jumbo Breakes World Record

YORKSHIRE, UK- Mumbo Jumbo, a new S&S Power roller coaster built in Flamingo Land, was opened yesterday to a large crowd. Among the visitors was Andrea Banfi of Guiness World Records to be present at the record breaking 112-degree drop- the steepest in the world.

The owner of Flamingo Land, Gordon Gibb, had said, "It is exciting for a relatively small family buisness like Flamingo Island to be punching well above its weight. The manufacturer (S&S) are legendary within the industry and Mumbo Jumbo looks set to become a National icon, we are very excited!"                                                                         Mumbo Jumbo Layout

The name Mumbo Jumbo was described as a "toungue in cheek" description similar to how many other parks boast their rides and attractions. Once Mumbo Junbo had ran yesterday before many visitors, it was officially the steepest drop in the world.

 Mumbo Jumbo is an El Loco coaster built by S&S Power. S&S Power is a roller coaster and ride manufacurer located in Logan, Utah, and is most famous for its launch tower, Thrust Air Coaster, 4th Dimension coaster, and compressed air launch technology.

News: Be The First To Ride Quassy's New Coaster

You can take a front seat ride on Quassy Amusement Park’s planned new family wooden roller coaster via the Internet.
  A virtual ride, created by coaster designer The Gravity Group of Cincinnati, Ohio, is currently up and running for roller coaster and amusement park enthusiasts.
  The video has been uploaded at www.youtube.com and www.facebook.com. It is easily accessed on YouTube by searching for “Quassy Roller Coaster.” The video title is “Virtual Ride On Wooden Roller Coaster Coming To Quassy Amusement Park.” The YouTube link is also listed on the Home Page at www.quassy.com. Facebook users can type in Quassy Amusement Park in the search, which takes them to the park’s Fan Page where the video is also running. A direct link to the video will be added to Quassy’s Home Page in the near future.

 Quassy Roller Coaster

News: Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit Finally Testing!

ORLANDO, FL- The new roller coaster at Universal Studios Florida, Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, has finally started testing. Here is a video showing the coaster testing!

Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit Testing

Hollywood Rip, ride, Rockit is a new roller coaster in Universal Studios Florida (located in the Universal Orlando Resort) featuring a 167 foot vertical lift (the highest vertical lift in the world), many new and unique elements, and amazing cars letting you choose the music, making this coaster the most advanced in the world!

News: Quassy Announces 5-Million Dollar Plan

Middlebury, Conn.- Quassy Amusemnt park has constructed a $5 million multi-year plan which will include its first, all-wooden roller coaster, a drop tower ride, and a water raft attraction. According to the press release:

        Designed by The Gravity Group of Cincinnati, Ohio, the Quassy coaster will have 1,200 feet of track and be 35 feet at its highest point. Due to the topography where the coaster will be located, the ride will actually drop around 40 feet obtaining a maximum speed of 35 mph. One three-car train with a capacity of 12 persons will run the course.

  The coaster’s station will be located near the “Big Flush” ride with the incline constructed on the old entrance road to the park. The coaster will drop into the lawn area behind the “Grand Carousel” where it will make its turnaround and head up and over the park’s train tracks. Engineers from The Gravity Group were able to present a design which will not disrupt the tree line along both sides of Quassy old entrance.

  “We didn’t want to take away from the natural beauty those trees provide as you enter the park,” Anderson said. “Fortunately, we’ll be able to preserve that feature and have this beautiful structure fit in.”

Anderson also continues to say it will still be an exciting ride even though it is a kiddie coaster. Quassy will be holding an auction for the first ride on the unnamed coaster.

         In turn, the park will be retiring their coaster Mad Mouse to provide space for the new water ride. According to the Press Release:

  “It will be an attractive piece to have in that location and complement the beach and existing waterpark,” Frantzis said of the ride manufactured by ProSlide Technology of Canada.

  Riders will climb into rafts from a loading platform about 28 feet above the park before plunging down a trough into a huge bowl with swirling water. Rafters will spin around the bowl before being discharged through another trough to the landing area.

        The drop tower ride will be located near "The Grand Carousel" and will feature a circular seating arrangement where the ride will lift 12 riders to the top of the 38 foot tower before releasing the riders into many drops.

“We really have the SBF Visa Group of Italy in our sights to build this new ride,” said Anderson. “The European ride manufacturing and safety testing procedures are second to none, so we know we will get a great product.”

 Well, everyone can't wait for these future attractions, and we hope all will go well for Quassy Amusement Park.

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